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MCC East Coast staff

MCC East Coast Regional Office
900 E. Howell Street
Philadelphia, PA 19149
MCC East Coast Ephrata Office
517 W. Trout Run Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

Office at 717-738-0885 or
Toll Free 888-563-4676

MCC East Coast Speakers Bureau is coordinated by Larry Gungerich. You may contact Larry or any of the staff members below.

Curtis Book, Peace and Justice Coordinator for MCC East Coast, has served internationally for many years with Brethren in Christ World Missions in England, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua and Colombia working primarily in pastoral leadership development. Curtis is prepared to discuss biblical/Anabaptist basis of peace, justice and immigration issues with youth and adults in either English or Spanish. Curtis is prepared to share in sermons, Sunday school sessions, small groups and youth groups. Curtis and his wife live in Philadelphia, Pa.
Contact: 215-316-6528

Ruth Keidel Clemens, Executive Director of MCC East Coast, served with MCC in Congo and Cambodia. She grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), the child of Mennonite missionaries. Ruth is prepared to discuss MCC ministries, gifts of the Global Church and God’s calling on our lives. Ruth is prepared to share in sermons, Sunday school sessions, small groups and children's time. She lives with her family in Baltimore.
Contact: or 717-413-7003/410-225-7120

Kim Dyer, Young Adult Program Coordinator for MCC East Coast, relates to young adults in a variety of ways. Kim coordinates the MCC East Coast International Visitor Exchange Program, a program for international young adults between the ages of 18-30 who come to the United States and Canada to serve for one year. She also encourages and recruits young adults to consider the Serving and Learning Together program of MCC. SALT is a one year assignment for young adults, 18-27, from the United States and Canada who serve in different countries around the world. As a previous SALTer in Mexico, Kim is able to share firsthand her experience as a young adult in service with MCC. She also coordinates the Summer Service Program, a program for young adults of color who wish to engage in their home churches and communities through service learning during the summer months.
Contact: 717-738-0885

Larry Guengerich, MCC East Coast Communications Coordinator, has worked with MCC for more than a dozen years. He is available to speak in any setting and is able to share about the general work of MCC, with particular interest in how MCC is working in the areas of agriculture and water. He also has presentations about the meaning of the MCC logo and "brand." He has travelled with MCC to the Balkans and to Central America and can share about the work in these areas as well as other places. Larry and his family live in East Petersburg, Pa.
Contact: 717-738-0885

Fred Kauffman, MCC Philadelphia Program Coordinator, and his wife Minh worked with MCC for fifteen years in Guatemala, India, Cambodia and Vietnam. In 1994, they and their two sons moved to Philadelphia where Fred served as pastor of West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship until 2005. Since that time he has been the Program Coordinator for MCC Philly. He speaks Spanish fluently and some French as well. Fred is willing to share in sermons, Sunday School classes, small groups and youth events. He is involved with issues of urban life, gun violence prevention, racism, and reflections on the role of the empire in Scripture.
Contact: 215-727-8136

Millie Nafziger is the East Coast Administrative Assistant for Constituency Relations. A child of both Lancaster County Mennonite culture and Honduran influences, she spent five years teaching music at Ephrata Mennonite School and has travelled to Egypt with MCC. She can share about the MCC program in Egypt and general MCC ministries. She can do this in both Spanish and English. She also is available to lead singing, both hymns and choruses, and can share original music. She is willing to share with both adult and children's groups. Millie lives in Lancaster city.
Contact: 717-738-0885

Grant Rissler, Financial Resource Development Coordinator for MCC East Coast, works at providing resources to help relief sales, thrift shops, individual and congregational donors. Grant can share in either English or Spanish about MCC’s general work and current opportunities to give as well as more focused presentations on God’s call to give and receive, MCC’s work in Southern Sudan, Colombia, Israel/Palestine, Care for Creation and immigration issues. Grant is prepared to share in sermons, Sunday school sessions, small groups and youth groups. Grant and his wife live in Lancaster city.
Contact: 717-572-9576

Kenneth Sensenig, MCC East Coast Assistant Director, brings extended service in Swaziland and Sudan. Ken also brings short term experience in Central and South America and Europe . Ken is prepared to discuss general MCC ministries, MCC history, biblical mandates for service and interaction with Islam. Ken has a special interest in the role of the church in MCC ministries. This includes a focused interest in the Amish and other culturally conservative supporters of MCC. Ken is prepared to share in sermons, Sunday school sessions, small groups, children's time or youth groups. Ken and his wife live in Ephrata, Pa.
Contact: 717-738-0885

Luke Schrock-Hurst, MCC East Coast Representative at Eastern Mennonite University and Harrisonburg, Va., served with MCC in Central America and the Philippines. Luke is prepared to discuss MCC ministries, biblical mandates for service, and the role of the church in MCC ministries. Luke is prepared to share in sermons, Sunday school settings, small groups and youth groups. Luke lives with his wife and family in Harrisonburg, Va.
Contact: 540-432-4320

MCC Washington Office staff

MCC Washington Office
920 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Tammy Alexander is the Legislative Associate for Domestic Affairs. Her focus is on immigration, the environment and health care. Prior to joining the MCC Washington Office, Tammy was an intern/volunteer at the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church and worked for several years as an engineer. She is a graduate of American University, the University of Tennessee Space Institute, and Purdue University.
Contact: or 202-544-6564 x113

Gabriel Schlabach is the Legislative Assistant for Domestic Affairs. He focuses his work on immigration, crime and justice, civil rights, domestic hunger and Native American issues. Prior to joining the Washington Office, Gabriel was involved with several political campaigns in Minnesota, and he was also a youth tutor in Central Minnesota. He is a graduate of Saint John’s University (Collegeville, MN) and the College of St. Benedict (St. Joseph, MN).
Contact: or 202-544-6564 x111

Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach serves as Director of the Washington Office. She monitors U.S. policy related to the Middle East and militarism. She previously worked at the Washington Office for five years, and is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite Seminary and Goshen College.
Contact: or 202-544-6564 x112

Mary Stata is the Legislative Assistant for International Affairs. Her focus is on Africa, HIV/AIDS, and militarism. Prior to joining the MCC Washington Office, she served in India with MCC's SALT program where she taught English and worked at a women’s center. Mary is a graduate of Calvin College.
Contact: or 202-544-6564 x116

Theo Sitther is the Legislative Associate for International Affairs. He focuses on U.S. foreign policy issues in Latin America and Asia. He also focuses his work on trade policies and debt relief. Theo serves as the Washington Office representative on the Anabaptist Peace Center board of directors. Prior to joining the Washington Office, Theo worked as a lobbyist for the Center on Conscience & War. He is a graduate of Hesston College (Hesston, KS) and Eastern University (St. Davids, PA).
Contact: or 202-544-6564 x118

Financial Notes:

There is no specific fee for MCC speakers since MCC receives financial support from many congregations and individuals. However, contributions toward MCC's work and travel costs are certainly welcome.

Please contact us for further information.

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