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Plenary on Environmental Justice as a Peace Issue:
"Savoring the revolution, redeeming the foodshed: Buy fresh, buy local, buy fair by all means" -- with Greg Bowman

Industrial food is wasting our land, polluting our water, threatening genetic integrity and wrecking our health. People of faith and hope are claiming a future of vitality, integrity and justice by choosing local, seasonal, humanely raised, energy reduced and fairly traded food.

Greg Bowman was raised in eastern Ohio. Working and eating at his grandparents homestead he unwittingly experienced life on one of the region s last fully integrated crop-livestock-dairy-fruit-vegetable family farms that thrived through relationship marketing in a dynamic, unplanned community. As online editor at and a co-conspirator in the Farming with Values that Last conferences at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, he combines stories of entrepreneurial hope with system tools that allow farmers, eaters and believers to create the New Agriculture. He and Ellen, his wife and best friend, attend Bally Mennonite Church.


Web Resources and Publications


  • Enough for All from Keeping the Garden (double CD and booklet), (John Pitney, 2004). Contact Rev. Pitney at He is on the ministry team at the First United Methodist Church of Eugene, OR, where his wife, Debbie, is lead pastor.
    Pennsylvania Environmental Overview
    (Open space/urban sprawl/recycling/global warming/clean energy)

    This workshop will briefly review several environmental justice issues in Pennsylvania and resources available for further study and action. The topics included are chosen because any of them can be a good starting place for a peace committee, congregation, or individual who would like to begin working on environmental justice issues.

    Bob Walden, chairperson of the Peace and Justice Committee, has organized conferences and presented workshops on a variety of peace and justice topics, including hunger, globalization, restorative justice, climate change, and public policy advocacy.

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