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Gordon Brubacher
Professor of Biblical Studies
and Archaeology,
Messiah College


group discussion about peace and justice work in our congregations

Saturday, October 21, 2006
8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Wellspring Church of Skippack
Cressman Road, PO Box 317
Skippack, PA 19474
Phone: 610-489-2688>
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  • Keynote Presentation: Dr. Gordon Brubacher
    "The Words We Use: Peace and Peace Action in the Bible and Today."
    What does the word shalom mean in the Bible, and what does its use imply for the life of faith and action now? Let's look at words like peace and pacifism, passive and active, nonviolence and nonresistance, peacemaking and peacekeeping, and why they are important in our Anabaptist heritage today.

    Dr. Gordon Brubacher teaches Biblical studies and archaeology at Messiah College. Gordon has researched Old Testament peacemaking extensively and has led study tours and archeological exploration in Israel. He and his family have participated in Christian Peacemaker Teams actions in support of displaced Palestinians near Jerusalem. He is a captivating story-teller.
    Gordon is staff archeologist and board member for the Bethsaida Excavations Project, and Director of Field Operations, Staff Archaeologist, and Director of Regional Exploration for the Cave of Letters Exploration Project. His style of teaching makes self-evident the parallels between social justice issues in Biblical times and the contemporary issues that we encounter today.

  • Group discussion of peace and justice work in our congregations -- sharing our experiences; ideas for getting started; networking, and new resources.
  • Peace and justice resource displays
  • Anyone with an interest in peacemaking is welcome
  • Schedule:
    Registration, coffee, and displays at 8:30 am; program begins 9:00 am includes light mid-morning brunch; and wrap-up by 1:00 pm

    Advance registration by October 14 is requested, but there is no registration fee. Contact the Conference Office, 215-723-5513,, or Bob Moyer, 215-766-0827,

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