Eastern District Conference / Franconia Mennonite Conference

Military Service and Conscientious Objection

  • PJN: Special Issue on Conscientious Objection to War (Feb. 2008)
    History of Conscientious Objection, Alternatives to Military Service, Ways to Support Conscientious Objectors, and related commentary and resource links. (Resource links are also listed below.)

    Web Resources

    1. Mennonite Central Committee
      • Profiles of military veterans who are now conscientious objectors
      • E-mail links to veterans willing to respond to questions from youth
      • The Peacemaker Registration Form
      • Questions for Youth to Consider
      • Reflections on faith and serving in the military
    2. American Friends Service Committee
      • A monthly magazine about youth, war, and peace
      • Information on social change careers and youth leadership camps as an alternative to military service
      • What to consider when talking to a military recruiter
      • The delayed entry program
    3. Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
      • Questions and answers about draft registration
      • What to consider when talking to a military recruiter
      • The delayed entry program
      • Getting the military out of schools
    4. GI Rights Hotline
      • The 800 number to call for help in getting a discharge from the military
      • Information on various discharges
      • The delayed entry program
    5. Third Way Cafe
      • Third Way Cafe provides a window to who Mennonites are. The site includes a photo gallery, a section on Who are the Mennonites?, dialogue on current issues, and commentary on social issues and policies from an Anabaptist perspective.
    6. Second Mile: A Peace Journey for Congregations
      • Second Mile is a peace curriculum that invites congregations and small groups to entera journey of worship, study, action and reflection that will help them become active signs of Christ's peace in a broken world.
    7. Preaching Peace
      • A tool for preachers who need more scriptural, historical, and exegetical information as they prepare their sermons.
    8. Preaching the Just Word
      • A national program sponsored by the Woodstock Theological Center to assist priests and other ministers of the gospel to be more effective in preaching biblical and social justice.
    9. Seeking Direction After High School: Alternatives for Youth of Philadelphia
      Alternatives list -- July 2007 [PDF file]
      A resource booklet prepared by the Peace Committee of West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship ( in summer of 2007, divided into three sections:
      • Employment and Job Training
      • Education and Educational Development
      • Volunteering
    An entire resource packet on Military Service and Conscientious Objection is posted on the Franconia Conference web page (in PDF format) at

    More Web Resources

    Groups and organizations which provide information and updates on conscientious objection, draft registration, and opting out -- updated February 3, 2008
    1. Youth Peace Resources, Mennonite Church USA
    2. Conscientious Objection -- Ask A Vet, Mennonite Central Committee
    3. Youth and Militarism, American Friends Service Committee
    4. Military Out of Our Schools Program, CCCO for blogs, youth myspace and youtube,  posters, and much else, including links to recruitment myths
    5. Youth and CounterMilitarism Program, War Resisters League
    6. Coalition Against Militarism Of Our Schools
    7. Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
    8. The GI Rights Hotline
    9. Quaker House [counsels GIs re: conscientious objection]
    10. Military Counseling Network [counsels GIs re: conscientious objection]
    11. DVD "Before You Enlist" by AFSC and Veterans for Peace
    12. DVD "Sir! No, Sir!"tells the story of thousands of GIs who resisted the Vietnam war
    13. Opt-Out information and form, posted by Philadelphia Citizens for Children and Youth (Search for "Opt Out")
    14. Alaska Draft Resistance
    15. Center on Conscience and War
    16. Iraq Veterans Against the War
    17. Soldier, Say No!
    18. Campus Antiwar Network
    19. Books on conscientious objection are available from the Swarthmore College Peace Collection through inter-library loan (see the catalog at; the SCPC has what is probably the largest archival collection in the world on the subject of conscientious objection. (For more information, see

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