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Peace and Justice Committee of Eastern District Conference and Franconia Mennonite Conference

The War on Drugs

This is a brief resource list on U.S. drug policies and alternatives.

Faith-Based Resources on U.S. Drug Policies

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

  • Mennonite Central Committee U.S. – Office on Justice and Peacebuilding
    21 South 12th Street, P0 Box 500, Akron, PA 17501
    Phone: (717) 859-1152
    Email: lsa@mcc.org
    Web: mcc.org/us/peacebuilding/
    includes educational resources on Crime and Justice and Mennonite Mediation Service.

Other Faith-Based Resources

  • American Friends Service Committee
    1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Phone: (215) 241-7000
    Web: www.afsc.org
    — then, search for war on drugs
  • Sojourners Magazine
    • Nonviolence and the Drug War, by Margaret Regan (Sojourners magazine, February 2013)
      The U.S. and Mexican governments have tried to battle drug violence with more violence. It hasn’t worked. Gandhian groups in Mexico offer another way.
    • “The Other War” (Sojourners magazine, May-June 2003 issue):
      • Equal Justice?, by Sanho Tree
        Drugs, race, and some pretty skewed numbers
      • The War at Home, by Sanho Tree
        Our jails overflow with nonviolent drug offenders. Have we reached the point where the drug war causes more harm than the drugs themselves?
      • They Do It Because They Make Money, by Sojourners Editors
        A conservative Republican asks: What would happen if there were no profit in drugs?
      • Beyond ‘Just Say No’
        by Eric E. Sterling
        Over the years, churches have had a lot to say about alcohol and drug policy. Some of it has been helpful.

U.S. drug policies and alternatives

Documentary Video

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal

U.S. Drug, Crime, and Prison Statistics

Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) — program to reduce Pennsylvania’s prison population

Note: Pennsylvania SB100 was signed into law in July 2012, and HB135 was signed in Oct. 2012.

Last updated January 18th, 2013.