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Affluenza (overconsumption)

Introduction: What is "Affluenza"?

Resources for Group Study and Biblical/Theological Reflection

Since affluenza relates to economic practices, an appropriate place to begin a serious study is with basic biblical economics -- then move to consideration of how to reconcile lifestyle choices and household practices with the biblical story.

Curing Affluenza - Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne

In the late 1990's, Tony Campolo produced a six-part video series responding to affluenza which is still useful for group discussion. More recently Campolo and Shane Claiborne have released other resources related to affluenza and simple living.
  • Curing Affluenza -- series of six 25-minute videos featuring Tony Campolo.
    Purchase DVD set from EcuFilm ($99.95).
    Titles are:
    1. "Abundant life: What is it?"
    2. "Money: How poor does Jesus want us to be?"
    3. "Time: How much do I have to give away?"
    4. "Stuff: How much can I have?"
    5. "Support: What will help?"
    6. "Next: What do I do come Monday morning?
    [This series is also available from some church A/V lending libraries.]
  • Discussion Guide for Tony Campolo video series (Luther Seminary, 2008).

  • Simply Enough (DVD, 2007) -- Campolo and Claiborne offer refreshing new insights toward responsible Christian action in the areas of lifestyle, food, celebrations, stuff, money and justice. Ideal for group or individual use - especially for young adults. Approximately 75 minutes long with bonus footage and a study/action guide. $15 from
    Session Topics include:
    • Lifestyle: God's Economy=Enough for Everyone, Are you living as Jesus Wants You to Live?, Will You Be a Merchant or an Angel?;
    • Food: Guerilla Gardening, It's a Tomato!, Everyone's Invited to the Party;
    • Celebrations: Expensive Weddings, Christmas Spending, Buy Nothing Day;
    • Stuff: American Dream? How many outfits do you really need? Fair trade and Capitalism;
    • Money: standard of living, relational tithing, living boldly;
    • Justice: spending time with the poor, Checkbook Charity, holding leaders accountable.

Last Updated: 1/9/2012
Created: 9/30/2011