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Immigrant Sanctuary – Resources and Toolkits Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Pennsylvania Bail Bond – It’s Time for Reform Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Philadelphia – Immigration, Sanctuary, and Redemption Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Here are some resource links related to the April 2017 issue of Peace & Justice News:
Sanctuary Cities” have been frequently mentioned in political commentary, but exactly what is a “Sanctuary City”?

Philadelphia organizations that work to assist immigrants and refugees include:

Fairfield Mennonite Church – Peacemaking Partnerships Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Fairfield Mennonite Church (FMC) is a small congregation in a small town in Adams County, Pennsylvania, but FMC is always engaged with other community organizations. Here are some links related to the April 2017 issue of Peace & Justice News:

100 Days of Faithful Resistance – Philly Training Events Monday, April 3rd, 2017

POWER (PICO) and partner organizations in Philadelphia began a series of community organizing training events on Jan. 15, 2017. The following sessions have been scheduled for April:

  • April 2: Grounding for Civil Disobedience
  • April 4: Black Work Matters
  • April 22: Building Power at the Intersection of Race, Economics and Climate

Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Saturday, May 4-6, 2017 (Thurs. 6-9pm, Fri. 8:30am-6:00pm, Sat. 8:30am-5:00pm) – This workshop takes an in-depth look into institutional, cultural, and individual manifestations of racism. Using a variety of interactive tools, it explores the historical development of institutional racism and its continuing impact. Strategic methods of dismantling systemic racism within institutions will be introduced.
Location: The Friends Center in Philadelphia, PA
For details and registration, see this announcement.

Introduction to Systemic Racism Workshop Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017 (9am-5pm) – Explore racism as a systemic, institutional problem of power that goes beyond personal prejudice; learn about a strategic methodology that can assist people in effectively organizing to dismantle racism in their institutions.
Location: The Ice House, 56 River St. Bethlehem, PA.
For details and registration, see this announcement.

Lehigh Valley Native American Learning Tour Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

May 6, 2017 (Saturday, 9:00am to 4:00pm) This one-day Learning Tour is designed to shed light on early Native American life and settlements in the Lehigh Valley. Join us as we view the historic Jasper Pits in Vera Cruz, see Lee Hallman’s personal collection of artifacts and visit the Museum of Indian Culture of which Hallman is curator. Mennonite historians John Ruth and Darvin Martin will join Curtis Book in reflecting on the intersection that the Doctrine of Discovery had on early Mennonites, other settlers and Native Americans in 18th Century Lehigh Valley, Pa. Organized by the Mennonite Central Committee. See the details here.

State of the Dream 2017: Mourning in America Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


United for a Fair Economy has released the fourteenth annual State of the Dream report which features reflections from leaders and advocates that are fighting inequalities everyday, and contains a short, accessible snapshot of where we are as nation on the topics of wages, wealth, health, housing, immigration, and LGBT inclusion. ( See www.faireconomy.org/dream17 )

Todd Wynward in Pennsylvania – Feb. 8-12, 2017 Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Todd Wynward

Todd Wynward, author of “Rewilding the Way: Break Free to Follow and Untamed God,” will be speaking at two public events in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Here is Todd’s schedule; check here again for updates and details.

There’s more information about Todd Wynward here.