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Peace and Justice Committee of Eastern District Conference and Franconia Mennonite Conference
Pilgrims Mennonite Peace and Justice Notes – Feb. 9, 2014

The Greed and Waste of the American Military-Industrial Complex
The Jet that Ate the Pentagon:  See link below:

U.S. Army says “We Don’t Need More Tanks!”
Defense Contractors say “We Will Be the Judge of That!!”  see link below:

Pilgrims Peace Prayer for 2/9/14

Lord, we pray today for our country, and for deliverance from the all powerful Military-Industrial Complex.

We witness the ever-growing defense budget, larger than the defense budget of any other country in the world.  We see the way preparations for war steal resources that are needed to feed the hungry, and meet needs for education and social services in our country.

God, we long to see weapons manufacturers retool their factories to make useful products for the world.  We long to see weapons beaten into plowshares.

At this time of year that we are working on payment of taxes, we long to see our legislators re funnel our taxes from war making to programs and products that promote the life, health, happiness, liberty and peace of all citizens on this planet.

Lord, in you mercy, hear our prayer!